For the past 20 years I have dedicated my life to my children. They have always come first and I am having a little difficulty letting them go now. I was not the mom that cried the first day her little child left her and went to school. In fact when my youngest started school I walked around all day asking people if they could hear that? Hear the sound of silence around me and then danced my happy dance. I have always felt that my “job” was to help my children learn right from wrong and lead healthy productive lives, their own lives not me living through them. Now I am beginning to miss the chaos of our busy lives with two children moving into their adult lives and having less and less available time to hang with their mom and my youngest turning 18 in 1 year and about 2 months.  This is my first step for me. A starting point to reflect on what is, what has been and the possibilities of what may come.

I have spent a lot of time volunteering through the years with different organizations. Girl Scouts has been a large part of the last 11 years. I am starting the process of handing my volunteer duties off to other volunteers and trying new things in other positions. I am not sure if I will continue to volunteer with Girl Scouts after my youngest daughter is done in Sept of 2015. Some days I am sure I will others not so much.

I grew up loving animals, much to my mom’s dismay. My first animal was a cat, a little black cutie born under or near my best friend’s backyard shed. Then there were the dogs, oh so many dogs ~ German Shepard, Akita, Black Lab, long haired dachshund, short haired dachshund, 1 litters of 6 dachshund puppies. Then we took in a stray white and spotted cat, who had 1 litter of 4 kittens (born on my bed while I was TRYING to sleep at 11 years old) and a rabbit. So of course I could never say no to my own children when they wanted an animal. For them we have had 7 other random cats, another litter of 3 kittens, Border Collie/Lab mix, fish of many varieties under $5 each, an assortment of gerbils and hamsters, rats, 2 birds (killed by one of the cats), salamanders, another long haired Dachshund and currently 1 cat that lives in the bathroom and 5 Mini Dachshunds.

One of my greatest loves over the years has been photography. I received my very own camera as a young girl. It was a 110 film camera and I loved it. Thankfully technology has advanced because I LOVE digital. I have also helped foster the love of photography into my children. I also enjoy scrapbooking, sewing and making pipe cleaner animals. I like creating things even if they are not perfect I as long as I am having fun.

This is the result of a shared love for photography, a Girl Scout destination called WAP and my youngest daughter’s talent.


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  1. Big ‘thank you’ for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Best wishes, Paul


  2. Monique says:

    Can you go to “Appearance” at the bottom of your dashboard, go to “mobile” and enable it. Will make your blog easier for mobile readers to read. Feel free to delete this comment from your beautiful blog 🙂


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