Three Blind Mice

Ok so they sure as hell are not blind, and their numbers are actually higher than 3!!!

Some my house is now home to a bazillion mice. Well maybe not that many but tonight alone I have seen 2. We have had lots of snow and cold so I am sure they were looking for a cozy place to live. But I am so done with all of them. They are driving my dogs crazy, driving the cat crazy and they are all driving my CRAZY!! The cat has caught the ones that enter her area of the house. But try as they might the dogs are unable to catch the stupid little mice. I have almost gotten rid of all of their hiding places and filled them with traps. But the dogs will not give up and are starting to cause damage because they are chasing the mice and doing whatever it takes to try to conquer them.

Here is an old picture of  one of the dogs after trying to hunt some mice.

B145363A-67B2-4CE4-8A4E-C13A85142C87Hopefully tomorrow we will be done with these mice!


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