It has been a week, one long week, of misery and pain. Last Sunday I ate dinner and that was the start of the end for me. I was already feeling a little under the weather the week before so adding more to that wrecked any chance I had of feeling well and productive.

Work was miserable, again for so many reasons, and I had to go because no one can do my job. They also don’t want to do my job. Nobody cares any more. The leader has no clue what he is doing, none what so ever. The followers are just that followers. So following a clueless leader means nothing is getting done. Everyone thinks they know more than the next person, we have lost the community of working together towards a common goal. I truly hate going to work right now. I dread it more than being sick actually.

This sickness has kicked my ass. I have missed work, a few days anyway. I made them up by working on some scheduled days off, but I was not nearly as productive as I wanted to be. They still do not know what is wrong with me. Waiting for tests of samples that were taken. I am suppose to call back next week if I don’t hear from them and get the test results. This annoys me. I paid to see the doctor, they should remember to call me back and let me know what is wrong. But, what do I know? They get paid the big bucks.

I have not finished anything I was suppose to get done this past week. I also forgot to make a list of all the important things I was suppose to do. Then I remember randomly something I was suppose to do and and of course I am not at a place to accomplish the task or write down so that I don’t forget again. Then I forget again. Such a cycle going for me this past week. I am also cold, so very cold. My fingers are like ice and I can’t seem to warm them up.

I have had a diet of Pedialyte, bananas, applesauce, toast, crackers and chicken broth. 90% of these things I do not like to eat. I have suffered through and slowly added regular food back in as the week has progressed. I wish I could say that I am better and the food is helping but it isn’t. I tried to have coffee on Friday and boy did I regret that decision about an hour after I drank it and for the rest of the night. I assume it was the coffee any way and that makes me sad because I really love my coffee. I ate food last night and this morning and so far it hasn’t been too bad, but my tummy knows that the solid food has entered I just don’t think it is sure what it wants to do with it yet.

My oldest daughter shared some exciting news with me this past Tuesday. Sadly she asked me not to share with anyone just yet. So of course I can’t share until she is ready for the world to know her secret. She is an amazing human who has been driven since the day she was born. I can’t imagine what her future is going to hold. She just finished student teaching in December and is currently doing a long term sub job for 5th grade. She has her struggles with this job but there are so many different factors involved that in the end she can only do her best and hope it is enough. Hopefully she allows me to share soon.



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