Memories of 2017

5DD68776-00E4-426D-BDF4-BA67C0DAD7C3I started the year out with great intentions. Being organized, being healthy, living life not just watching it go by, and a few other grand goals. Of course none of those happened, at least not as I intended.

Things I managed to accomplish:

  • Finished school and earned my degree for graphic design.
  • Attended my oldest daughter’s graduation on the same day I graduated. Even the same ceremony. She earned her teaching degree as did her boyfriend.
  • Attended and organized 12 family dinners with two of my siblings, their families and my own children and their families and my dad’s best friend, our “uncle”.
  • survived the year at work with 3 different store managers.
  • Watched my son change again into a new person with a new name. Still haven’t figured out if I did something wrong raising him or his inner self is just never satisfied.
  • Said goodbye to my youngest daughter as she moved out and started her own adult adventures.
  • Survived a month with a broken furnace. Thankfully the coldest it got outside was the low 20s.
  • Fixed the furnace!!!!
  • Survived the end of year extreme temperatures: -24; -14; -10

Not a bad list.

I hope that this next year is filled with more love, happiness and light than the other stuff for everyone.


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