Youthful Joys


When I was little I loved to play in the mud. Making mud pies and mud soup and using my china dishes to have tea with the dog with little mud balls and dark tea. I also loved play dough. I wasn’t ever allowed to have it more than a month because some how some always found it’s way into the carpet.

My children did not like to play in the mud. They didn’t see the fun in making mud pies you couldn’t eat. They instead liked the clean plastic food used in their play kitchen that they bought at their play store with their play money or play credit card. Sometimes they used their little shopping cart other times a laundry basket to hold their purchases.

They did however love play dough. Unfortunately for me they like to mix the colors and try to get people to really eat it. I on the other hand have my very own play dough now that can only be used if I am playing too. I don’t want my colors mixed and I don’t want the cool toys that go with the play dough to get clogged up with dry play dough because someone decides to put something away without checking all the parts to make sure they are cleaned out

Recently I have also been considering buying a light brite. My kids never had one so I was thinking it might be fun to play with one with them. These are just some of the things that brought me joy during my much younger years. Now you can share yours, if you like :)!


One thought on “Youthful Joys

  1. josna says:

    Climbing trees was one of my favorite activities–I practically lived in them. And riding my bike.


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