Would you like to live or play under the sea? In the ocean? In a stream? Not me. I really don’t like the unknown. How do you feel when you are swimming in a lake? Have you ever swam in an ocean? I for one would like to see what is in the water with me before I get in. I probably will never swim in an ocean or a sea, I don’t live close to either and it really isn’t one of my great desires. I have been in a lake and all I could think of the whole time was a large unknown creature  grabbing my leg and taking me away to it’s home underwater. A river doesn’t bother me as much, but my fear is still pretty intense. I like to stay close to the shore and not move around too much to keep the water clear. Mountain streams are my favorite water to play in because it is usually very clear, runs down the mountain and the fish are very evident in the stream. In other words I know what is touching my leg underwater then. The best water of all is a swimming pool, in the day time so there are not any dark shadows obscuring the view of any possibly added creatures. I have no desire to swim with dolphins or any other large water mammals. I do think it is awesome the amount of beautiful creatures that do live underwater and even though my children may disagree I believe the Lock Ness Monster is real. 🙂


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