I taught my kids all about monsters while they were growing up. They needed to know the truth. There are all kinds of monsters in the world. Here are three of my favorite monsters or things to do with monsters I shared with my children when they were growing up.

  1. The monster from There is a Monster at the End of This Book. This cute little blue furry guy named Grover gets  all excited about not reaching the end of the book because there is a monster there. He goes as far as building a brick wall to stop us from turning pages. But all of his efforts go to waste because we do reach the end of the book. I am sure Grover is the most excited to learn who the monster is at the end and life is good.
  2. Next I introduced them to some techniques to deal with monster that they found under their beds, in closets or roaming around in their dreams. Monster spray takes care of all the usual closet and under bed monsters. It will even get rid of behind the door monsters. The best way to ensure that they go away is to take your monster spray and use it around all door ways including the one going outside and all windows. Next wait 3-6 hours and spray again. This however will not work for monsters roaming around in dreams. These monsters need a different approach. Say you are in your dream running across and open field being chased by a monster. What ever will you do? Stop running, pick a flower, turn around and face the monster and then hand them the flower. It is that easy. If you are dreaming and you are scared by a monster or something else in your dream you have the ability to take control and change what is happening. Make a happy ending for yourself.
  3. There are real monsters in the world. They come in the shape of humans who do evil things. Be aware of your surroundings and the people you associate with. It is up to you if you become a monster or not. Do not cause harm to others and be kind always.

Hopefully I taught them enough to stay safe in their own worlds as adults.


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