Lies and Lessons


I was given a reminder last night about why I am currently unattached to another human in an intimate relationship. My focus is currently on raising my final child through the remainder of her high school career. She hasn’t had much to do with her father in the last year, by her own choice. He hasn’t taken the time or effort to be part of life and when he does it is usually for his own benefit. He has neglected his parental duties, pays for nothing to support her and excludes her from his “other” family. Most of the time she finds out what is going on in his life through Facebook.

Last night he stopped by the house to drop off some stuff to her, late as usual. After a lovely argument, because I was going to now have to pay for what he failed to follow through with, she went to bed upset and disappointed. I went to bed mad and frustrated. First of all I really hate that he hurts her and there is nothing I can do about it. Second I wish he loved her half as much as I do. Third I wish with all that I am that he would just go AWAY! Really I do, he is that awful to her.

Lessons learned from this last encounter are that a liar is a liar and normally they do not change. A liar likes to look good in front of others and will change the words to make themselves look good regardless of the outcome. Honesty hurts but only for awhile. Honesty means you don’t have to remember the lie or lies and you can say what you mean and feel. If you are going to break my babies heart at least have the courtesy to be honest  with her and not pretend you care when you don’t. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Lies and Lessons

  1. njmagas says:

    Stories like this make me glad that I have the sort of relationship with both my parents that I do. even when they separated, nothing changed between me and my parents. I’m sorry you’re having to go through all this. It’s truly a shitting situation.

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