Jurassic Quest


In 2014 Jurassic Quest was in town. I took my youngest daughter to share in the experience. She was 17 at the time. The plan was to spend the whole day. We only lasted about 2 hours. My little girl was tired from babysitting the night before. I was sad to cut or adventures short, how ever I enjoyed every minute we were there.

jurassic quest3

This is the first thing we seen once we were inside.

jurassic quest4

This is one of many exciting dinosaur attractions we seen on our Dinosaur Tour

We missed out on a lot because we only stayed the 2 hours. I really wanted to see the baby dinosaurs that did their own walking tour, but since we went on the larger tour first I missed out. There were tons of things for kids 12 and under to do. Face painting, dinosaur crafts, dino dig, bouncy houses, dinosaur rides and games. I also missed the larger dinosaurs walking tour. My hope is we will be able to go again at some point. My little one did feel bad for being so tired and we decided that even though we were missing out on a lot we would always remember our time at the Jurassic Quest. Especially with our cute souvenirs.

jurassic quest1

This is Blueberry, my little Triceratops 🙂

jurassic quest2

This is my daughter’s T-Rex, I have forgotten his name, oops.

jurassic quest5

Here is a group shot of our little friends.

Happiness is a dinosaur expedition :)!


2 thoughts on “Jurassic Quest

  1. weeohana says:

    That looks a fab place to visit! I hope you get to go back! =]


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