Celebrating holidays has always been important in our family. Through holidays we celebrate family and being together. Each one of my children has a different favorite holiday. Our traditions are usually the same for all holidays. Snack food in the early afternoon, games all day while dinner cooks and then dinner and dessert. Nobody is ever hungry the rest of the day. Some of us even are in bed and asleep by 8 pm. There is usually no TV watching all day either

Since my children are all adult aged now or holidays are changing each year. Now we usually go to my son’s home for holidays. We still do lots of food and most holidays we still play board games if we can spend the whole day together. Growing up my son did all of the holiday decorating once he was old enough. He has a great imagination and really gets into it. At my house we no longer decorate. This year for Easter my oldest daughter was not able to come home from college. As my youngest daughter and I were driving over to her brother’s house we drove past a bare tree decorated with plastic Easter eggs. So many memories came rushing back to me. My son decorated our tree every year with the same plastic Easter eggs and colored yarn. When he started this tradition our tree was very young and could only handle about 15 eggs and all of the branches were easy to reach. Now our tree is so tall that the city had to trim back the branches from the power lines a couple weeks ago. It could probably hold close to 50 to 80 eggs now.

I still look forward to each upcoming holiday. Although our traditions are changing each year and soon they will all create their own traditions and move away from some of the ones we created together they have a base to create their own. Their lives are young and changing each day. I do get sad at times for losing what we had, but that sadness does not usually last too long. I am excited for their futures and can’t wait to see what traditions they create for themselves and their own families for the holidays.


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