In 2012 for the month of November I posted on my Facebook each day what I was thankful for. In 2013 time got away from me and I didn’t participate. In December 2013 my son asked me why I didn’t post anything in November about my thankfuls. I was at first shocked that he noticed, I mean really he is a young man with his own things going on. Since I was pleased and honored that he noticed I told him in 2014 I would post on my Facebook everyday for the whole year what I was grateful for. I succeeded. Sometimes a day or two late, once in a great while I did a whole week at a time. For 2015 I decided to step it up again. This year each grateful post has a picture to go along with it and is posted on Instagram and shared on my Facebook. Sometimes I still get behind a day or two and sometimes I have to find an older picture to go along with what I am grateful for but I don’t give up and that is what is important. What are you grateful for today?

2013-08-20 11.34.01


One thought on “Grateful

  1. so many things to be grateful for – family on the top.
    Glad you can post those things each day.
    Happy A to Zing


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