Forever Friends


I have a friend that I have known for 36 years. Wow that seems like forever. She called me the day after Easter to remind me of our first meeting. We were at a cabin with our parents and her brother. There was some snow, but it wasn’t too chilly outside that we couldn’t take part in an egg hunt. What a great time that was for everyone. Well except for the kid who got their pant leg tangled in a barbed wire fence and only found 2 eggs. Lucky for that kid the other two had to share their eggs. My dear, sweet friend had a good laugh. We were 4 and I didn’t really like eggs anyway. She is my forever friend.

Watching my children grow up I have seen them make relationships with others and I have watched those relationships change over the years. They do have a few that have the possibility of turning into forever friends. I hope that if they do turn these friendships into forever friends that my children learn that friendship is a two way street and they should get something out of it as well. More times than I would like to admit that I have seen my kids bend over backwards to please their friends. Yet their friends break plans with them all the time, exclude them from other things and in general are not a nice or as supportive as they themselves are. Of course this comes from a mom who doesn’t like to see her kids in pain, so a very biased point of view.

My forever friend and I don’t live in the same state and haven’t for the past 26 years. I am thankful that even though we have at times lost touch for a few years we are always drawn back together. I feel my life wouldn’t be the same with out the balance of her in it. Although at times I fall victim to the giving more than I get in relationships just like my children.


One thought on “Forever Friends

  1. Writingofpassage says:

    I have a similar friend. Grew up next door to each other our entire young lives. She’s like a sister!


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