Emotional Chaos


Having children causes emotional chaos. From the moment they start growing inside of you they create emotional chaos. The second you feel them that emotional chaos intensifies. Growing and growing and engulfing your entire being. You may not even notice this is happening.

The first time I experienced emotional chaos I was confused. I was young and inexperienced emotionally. I was a young first time mother. Married with a plan for my future and then I discovered I was pregnant. My hopes, my dreams and my plans changed in an instant. It became more than me. Suddenly I was a protector and provider. Like a lioness on the hunt for her young.

Loving small children is easy. They are sweet, kind and helpful. As they grow older they discover they like different things and they like to explore their boundaries. They enjoy testing the waters and finding their way. The more they grow the opportunities to enjoy the emotional roller coaster increase. By the time they reach their teenage years it is a good chance you have had some highs and lows.

Lies are my least favorite things. My daughters will tell you how much fun it is to be caught in a lie. I come close to falling off the deep end when I get lied to. Follow that up with my son deciding he wants to raise money for one non profit organization or another. Back to back highs and lows. I will admit most of the time my kids caused few highs and lows. There were times of course that the lows lasted way to long for my liking.

I look forward to the next rounds of emotional chaos that my adult children will be causing. Whatever that may be!


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