Welcome to the chaos of 2015. January is almost over and I have no idea where it even went. I know I have worked a lot, volunteered a lot, hung out with my youngest a lot, didn’t see or talk to my oldest daughter enough and I haven’t had a Sunday night dinner with my son in a very long time. The dogs are even a little bit edgy lately. I feel stretched to the point of being snapped into two pieces. I do have some awesome things to look forward to in February. My youngest will be turning 18 and we will be making a trip to visit her sister at college. While we are there we will also find a dress for the senior prom and hopefully have some relaxing time together. Hopefully the weather will hold and we will not have any more winter storms preventing our trip. Now if I can just make it through the rest of today and get everything done that I need to have done before tomorrow that would be a great start to the week :).


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