My Kids Did What????

My youngest daughter has been an emotional wreck lately. First she started having migraines a lot again, which has turned into many doctor appointments and new medication trials. Then there was her misunderstanding of what medications she was suppose to actually be taking. Now that we have most of that figured out I am hoping her control over her emotions comes back soon. Currently she is working on a huge project for school and Girl Scouts centered around  suicide and depression. Unfortunately she is struggling in school in two of her classes and feels like some of her classmates are being unfair and not respecting that others have different opinions. She also feels like her teachers in these classes don’t like her or care about what is happening or her personal ideas and opinions. Because of all of the drama I have been thinking a lot of the past and I recently read a very thought provoking blog post over at HIP MOM BRARIAN’S blog WHEN YOU ARE THE PARENT EVERYONE BLAMES.

I have had plenty of proud momma moments with my kids. I have also had plenty of the moments where I hope others forget these children belong to me. Back in the days of family community computer I found my two oldest children creating a fake Facebook account so they could purposely be mean to another person. All I could say was WOW. We had a long conversation about right and wrong and how hurting others is not ok just because we are mad at them or don’t like them. We talked about this for weeks after the event. I was so shocked and saddened that these were my children. How is it possible that the kids who hear about a natural disaster in another country and want to help those in need that they don’t even KNOW could be this cold hearted?

The youngest child of mine has been advised to talk again to her teachers and to let them know how she is feeling and what is going on. I also recommended to her to try not to let it bother her so much. The whole purpose of her project is to educate others about the issues and help them to see there isn’t just one right answer to why depression or suicide happen. What I really want to do is set up a meeting with these teachers and talk about what is going on and hear everyone’s point of view. My daughter would like me to wait and see how she does on her own. My hope for her is that she remembers that others are also allowed to have opinions, even if they are different from hers. I know she already knows this so I hope she remembers it when she needs it the most.


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