Cherry Pie and Baby Cake

I was a young first time mommy. I was trying to conquer the world, at least my little world and leaned on my family for help. I took a night class two nights a week when I was in college. During that time my mom watched my little baby cake  would  take him out to visit my grandma so I would drive out to my grandma’s most nights after class and pick him up. It was always after dinner time when I arrived and usually around dessert time. My sweet son was between 5 and 6 months old and he loved attention and tasting new things. On one of these snow filled frozen nights my grandma had made cherry pie. I personally am not a huge fan of pie. I don’t care for pie crust. However this night was all about the warm, fat cherries floating around in the most amazing cherry sauce every made. I would pick up one of the plump, red balloon like cherries and grip it tightly between my fingers and my son would suck the all the cherry sauce away. His little mouth was a cherry sauce mess when we were finally done. I cherish this memory the most now because my mom is no longer with us, we hardly ever see my grandma any more and my sweet baby cake is a young man of 21 now. Amazing how many memories one cherry pie can hold.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Pie


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