Attitudes and Sunshine

I have been dealing with a lot of negative attitudes lately. Everyone expecting someone else to improve their attitudes or they think their negative attitude is because of someone else’s actions. Pretty soon all of this negativity starts to rub off on me. Snuggling up against me like a warm, soft, fuzzy blankey. Guess what? It is time to shower the world with SUNSHINE!! Back off grumpy attitudes and poor pitiful me crybabies and wallow in the glow of the awesome sunshine.

We will see how long that lasts me tomorrow. Hopefully for most of the day. I can sadly say I only made it about 20 minutes at work today before I was the one with a negative attitude. And yes, I did try to cast blame on others for my negative attitude as well. Not successfully however, as it is my poor reaction to my feeling overwhelmed at work and not necessarily anything any one person does. It could also be the fact that I obviously do not get enough sleep. Thankfully tomorrow I get to try again to enjoy the sunshine and have a better attitude. 🙂



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