Signs of Growing Up

My youngest daughter has been away these past few weeks. She has been working with some other young adults doing concessions at fairs. Our conversations are limited to a few text messages and an occasional phone call. Today she sent me a good morning text and then later told me one of her friends was in tears and planning on quitting. I am 4 hours away from where they are working. These girls have been friends for the past 12 years and my heart was broken after reading the text. Sadly I was unable to speak to either of them until about 8 hours later.

My lovely, sweet daughter told her friend NO. She was not going to quit and she wasn’t going to keep quiet about what happened either. Apparently another worker, who happens to NOT be a supervisor, took it upon herself to bully a 17 year old. The situation was handled and apparently there were some high emotions and a few more tears were shed. I told my daughter I was very proud of her for helping her friend stand up for herself and reporting unfair working conditions.

When I spoke to my daughter I could hear her friend giggling and the two of them were making plans to buy a llama. Thankfully it was not a real llama. My suggestion is to not tell these two ladies that you don’t like something because they will go out of their way to buy you a reminder of what you don’t like. Lucky for them their boss lady has a great sense of humor and will probably cherish her llama for a long, long time.


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