Reflection in a Muddy Puddle

Nothing is seen clearly. Everything is harder to see. Dreams of a young girl hidden beneath the depths. Waiting to be discovered. Waiting to be found. Always waiting. Covered in darkness and shadows. Hidden beneath the surface. Lost in the swirling motions of the lives of others. Taken for granted. Expected to serve others. The young girl is gone. Nothing left of who she was. Dreams forgotten. The path forward is overgrown with the thorns of regrets. No turning back to emptiness. Moving forward one step at a time. Determined to live. Determined to win this fight. Broken. Alive. Healing. Fighting. Hopeful. Thankful.


2 thoughts on “Reflection in a Muddy Puddle

  1. Monique says:

    Come in out of the rain!


  2. If it EVER stops raining I will 🙂 Although everything is green and beautiful.


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