I value truth above all else. My children will warn you not to lie to me because when I find out it will not be pretty. I can handle most everything else with grace just not lies or liars. You may hurt my feelings for a few minutes by being honest but I will get over it, eventually. I may never get over it if you lie to me and I do mean NEVER.

There is a difference between lies and stories told to children to fill their hearts with magic and wonder. I view those more as folk tales anyway. Something adults have elaborated on and shared with our children to better their lives not something used to cover up ugliness they have created.

What do you value?


4 thoughts on “Values

  1. Like you I value honesty and integrity.


  2. I value honesty and truth, like you. I don’t have a problem with stories, so long as we do not try to pass off the story as truth. Hence I do have a problem with Santa as some people tell their children that he is real and not just a story person.


    • I have told my children the story of Saint Nicholas and how he gave to others in need. This is who their Santa has been based off of and has inspired them and myself to do more for others rather than ourselves.


  3. Good plan. There really is no need at all to pretend that he is still alive and visiting people at Christmas 🙂


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