My oldest daughter is going off to a new university in the fall. I am sad that she is moving 3 hours away and I won’t get to see her face everyday. I have lived for my children for so long that I have forgotten how to live for myself. I am learning though thankfully. My youngest daughter might be more upset then I am that her sister is leaving. They have done a lot of things together growing up. My oldest daughter is the middle child and really has had the best of both worlds. She is close with both of her siblings on two different levels.

This is the best move for her. She is currently attending a private university and the education is not what she expected. When you go off to university you expect to get more of an education then you did in high school. This has not been the case for her. So she is moving away and hoping for the best. I have heard great and awful things about her choice. I have the normal parental worries about her leaving home and how in the world is she going to survive? I mean really the girl will NOT spend her own money to buy food and usually doesn’t like to cook for herself either.

I hope that this university will challenge her mind and broaden her views of the world. I hope she will make new and interesting friendships and will continue to grow into a fabulous adult. I hope I do a good job of hiding my fears from her so she doesn’t question moving away from everything she has ever known and enjoys spreading her wings. Mostly I hope this university doesn’t disappoint her expectations to a beneficial education.


2 thoughts on “University

  1. noleksiak089 says:

    When I went to college, it was also 3 hours away from my parents. I was able to survive, but there was a daily phone call home to my parents to let them know how I was doing or to tell them something that happened that day. I hope you jitters get better! 🙂


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