Hey Teacher, Thank You


I would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to every teacher who has ever touched the life of their students in a positive way. Thank you for teaching, thank you for working past the hours you were paid, thank you for caring for other’s children and thank you for inspiring the next generation of teachers. I always wanted to be a teacher but my life took a different path. I still share my knowledge of what I know with others but I didn’t fulfill my childhood dream.

The future is bright for my oldest daughter. She is currently in college to be a teacher. Her biggest struggle this past year is that she was not challenged at her college. In about four months my darling daughter will be spreading her wings and moving away to go to a more challenging college. She is looking forward to her next adventures and I am looking forward to watching her become an AWESOME teacher. Thank you again for inspiring my daughter to follow her dreams.


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