Be Kind Rewind


Back in the day of video cassettes there was usually a sticker on the cassette reminding you to be kind and rewind. This was so the next person to rent the movie wouldn’t have to wait to watch the movie. I am not sure if many people actually took the time to rewind, I know we did and we had a separate machine just for rewinding. The kids liked to check all of our VHS cassettes to ensure they were ready to be watched. Some days I would like to rewind as well. My day or a couple of bad hours, of course I don’t have a rewind button so that option is out. I will instead learn what I can and try to do better in the next similar situation. I will continue to do my best to be kind.


3 thoughts on “Be Kind Rewind

  1. Bron says:

    If only life was like a VHS??


  2. I was one of those people who took the time to rewind.


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