Name Change


The path of a parent often reflects on the child. Where you work, how you interact within the community and your personal image all reflect back to your child. You might be the super cool parent that everyone wants to hang out with or you might be the parent that everyone avoids. Either way that reflects on your child.

When you make the choice to be a parent you should consider your power over your child’s world. At first you will make all the decisions and help mold your child’s mind, values and morals. Then when you are not looking, BAM, their friends and other peers take over. Did you make a good impact on their mind? Did you show them a path worth living?

What if you live for yourself? What if  you use your child as a pawn in your game of lies and deceit? What if you run from the privilege of raising your child to raise another’s child? What happens when you discover your past actions directly impact your child’s decisions about their future? How do you feel when you face the reality that you are the reason your child struggled through school and in society because of your negative reputation?

Your son started talking about a name change when he was 16. He was tired of the questions and stories he heard when anyone discovered you where his  dad. I discussed his options and persuaded him to wait and he waited, until he was 18. The age of adulthood and yet you still blame me. Silly man child, I raised your son to think for himself and make his own decisions. When the judge asked your son he told him the truth, you have given the last name a bad reputation and he didn’t want to be held back by obstacles he did not create. Yes he took my maiden name but not because I asked him to as I kept yours for my own reasons. Your daughters decided against going through the name change process, they both plan to marry someday.


2 thoughts on “Name Change

  1. Monique says:

    This stings a little bit …aren’t you glad you found WP as an outlet?


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