Memories, Mistakes and Miracles


Have you ever had a memory that changed as you aged? Have you ever made a mistake that later wasn’t? Do you believe in miracles?

It is a miracle that I am alive after all of the mistakes I made as a teenager and young adult. When I think back on those memories I feel deep regret and shame. I am not sure how I could have been so irresponsible. What was I thinking? I have found it very hard to advise my teenager/young adult children on responsibility when I was one of the least responsible in my little group.

At the time I thought I was “cool” and “invincible”. Nothing bad could happen to me, and nothing did. Now when I look back at those memories I see them through the eyes of a parent, a parent of teenager/young adult children. My vivid imagination can see the shattered windshield, the crushed passenger door and the wheels spinning in the air.

Thankfully I have had an open and realistic relationship with my children. I have been honest with them about the mistakes I have made and how fortunate I am to be here. I also understand that no matter what I tell them, they get the option to live their lives and I hope they will make the best choices. They are now learning from my mistakes so perhaps my mistakes will turn into something better.


4 thoughts on “Memories, Mistakes and Miracles

  1. That is the same way my parents were with us. Honestly it was great, sure we made small mistakes, but we only made them once. You are a great parent!! God bless!


  2. Monique says:

    Oh gosh !!??…. Can we really use those 3 words in the same post? I love what you’ve done here. Thanks!


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