I like to see things others do not. Like a sock coming to life to wake a sleepy child or a stuffed animal that plays cards. The animals at our house all talk and sometimes they sound an awful lot a like but that is ok with us. My kids can draw you a picture and tell you an hour long story about what is going on inside that picture. My son has the ability to change is voice into that of an old man named Steve and can put on a great show that even his great grandma enjoys. He has also given his sisters old lady names and when the three of them are together you might want to grab the tissues because you will laughing that much.

I am glad that my kids have used their imaginations throughout their lives. It has saved them all from boredom and created some of the best memories I have. I hope that as they continue their path into adulthood they do not lose their imaginations and continue to share them with the world.


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