“Please remember that your greatness should not be defined by others but instead by how your greatness changes the world. And that is true even if your greatness is not recognized by the masses and instead is more intimately enjoyed by those who benefit from that greatness.”

Words I have shared more than once with my children. We all like to be recognized for the great things we do. When we are not recognized it can be hard for our hearts to accept that our greatness is overlooked. The reality is that yes the masses may not have broadcasted your greatness others still benefited from your greatness. Creating a chance for them to better their lives because of your greatness or perhaps to improve another’s life or world altogether.

I suggest everyone go out and be great. Feed the birds, pick up trash, walk the neighbors dog, be a tutor, volunteer or find something that that makes your greatness shine


One thought on “Greatness

  1. cfjeanjean says:

    Or even write a blog post about greatness to motivate others to be great! 🙂

    Lovely post and I love the original quote.


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