You Are My Favorite


My children were always asking me who my favorite was when they were younger. I remember asking adults that same question when I was younger. Now I understand that in my need to be the favorite there was always going to be a loser. I did find a very effective technique to answer this question and keep the peace. It was so simple I almost didn’t think it would work, but somehow I pulled it off. I am not sure if I am the first person who came up with this idea but I do know that I will not be the last to use it. My children will probably use it as well.

The next time someone asks you if they are your favorite just say….. “You are my favorite (insert their name here) in the whole wide world. And trust me I know a few (insert their name here)!”

This has worked for me for a lot of years. The other question I get occasionally is why am I your favorite. That takes a little more conversation going into detail about specific habits or memories I have with that particular child. I don’t like to pick favorites, but if I have to you will be my favorite (insert your name here) in the whole wide world. And the reason you are my favorite is because you are you!


2 thoughts on “You Are My Favorite

  1. This was may favorite post i read today… thanks for the great advice. happy a to z


  2. Chrystal I am glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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