The Mailbox Time Travel

The Lake House mailbox is the only time travel I am willing to do. This time travel is safe and keeps me in the here and now. Except in my version when I place my letter in the mailbox I would like it to go to the person I intend it for. I will have numerous letters I want to send out to people I miss and past selves of people I know now. This way they can know how I feel and what I want to share with them and I can be safe in my time. I however would not be providing much life changing information in my letters. Mostly I would just like to share with them how I feel and provide them with encouragement in times of need.

I am not willing to go back in time and give up my current spot in time. I don’t believe that I can exist in two different time periods at one time. If I go back to even yesterday I am no longer here now. There is nothing to me more important than being here now. I have the knowledge and skills to deal with today because of what has happened before. If I decided to go back to a time I did not exist and hang with the cave people or possibly some dinos I am not 100% sure that I would survive to make it back to my now in one piece. I am not sure who I would tell of my adventures either and who would believe me.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine


3 thoughts on “The Mailbox Time Travel

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  2. That was certainly an interesting movie. I’ve only seen it once…I need to watch it again!


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