A never ending sadness welling up inside. Taking with it desires and excitements. A place of nothingness filled with blackness. Cold and dark, damp and empty. Gray clouds blocking out all happiness. Sucked dry and left lifeless.

I see on Facebook how some say they are so depressed, mostly because they didn’t get something they wanted. The reality is most are just sad. Sad for a moment because of an unfulfilled desire. Some are sad because they couldn’t do something they wanted and others are sad because they didn’t succeed at what they tried. I wish, with all of my heart, that my youngest daughter was just sad.

I find it very unfair that my sweet little girl suffers from depression. I hate that this isn’t something I can fix or offer helpful tips on finding new ways to make things better. I wish that I could erase the sadness from her eyes and ease the pain she feels both emotionally and physically. She has finally accepted that she does need her medication and that it does really help. I would say she has a better grasp on her emotions and her triggers as well and knows when she has reached her limit. I am thankful that she no longer hits herself and no longer tells me she wants to die or wishes she was never born. I am most thankful for her coming to me and telling me when it hurts too much and she needs help. I am especially thankful to her older brother and sister for understanding that sometimes their little sister needs them and they are there for her.


4 thoughts on “Depression

  1. I’ve had some experience with depression. At times it felt like hell. Looking back, now I see that I was far from God. Without the knowledge of God, the world starts to become hell. It did for me anyway. Once I started praying and believing in Jesus, the Lord helped me right out of the pit and gave me a wonderful life. Pills may help for a time, but God’s the one who heals us and gives us life. Without Him we’re toast. (I don’t mean to sound uber-pious or bossy, this is honestly the best way I know to help). P.S. I’ll pray for your daughter.


    • You are correct God is the one who heals us and gives us life, he is also the one who provides us with the expertise of doctors and other professionals to help with many medical issues. In conjunction with prayer we know there is light at the end of this road. Thank you for the prayers. God bless 🙂


  2. I worry so much that my little girl will suffer too, I hope the cloud lifts. Nice to connect and follow on


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