I often wonder why so many people behave the way they do. Did they take a class on how to be a jerk or how to be insensitive? I work in a public place, I volunteer for a large organization and I represent myself and my family when I am in public. I make the choice to behave as a human or to behave as the incoherent, shouting, lost it in every sense of the word adult (child).

If you are a professional, in a professional job you should probably act like it. You should probably show the world your prettiest face and nicest words and save the other stuff for your down time with your family and friends. With that said, I understand sometimes you will falter. When you do own it, apologize if needed and move the heck on.

People remember your behavior even when they don’t remember your name. Do the right thing, be the better person and lead by example. I am a work in progress and my tongue is pretty sore from the amount of times I have had to bite it. I want to be a better person and still get things done and yes sometimes I forget and I spend a lot of time fixing the damage caused by my personal behavior.


6 thoughts on “Behavior

  1. “People remember your behavior even when they don’t remember your name. ” I love this! I do struggle my behavior on occasion, I usually make excuses for my behavior by saying it’s just because I am passionate. I will heed your words! Thank you!


  2. Awesome post, Jenn. It’s true that damage gets done when people are rude and careless with their words. Even if someone doesn’t mean to be mean, people often still get hurt. One little “I’m sorry about that” can go a long way to repairing those messy problems. Thanks for the insight.


  3. Monique says:

    Behavior is learned. And therefore can be unlearned.


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