Hungry Lions?



My oldest daughter LOVES giraffes. Really she loves all animals, giraffes more than cats though. She is the type that won’t watch Bambi or Old Yeller. If an animal is going to be harmed or die she would rather not watch the movie at all. She is fully aware that the animal in the movie is not dying, she has a sensitive soul and it hurts to think of animals being hurt. The other day I sent her the horrific story of how a Denmark zoo fed and 18 month old giraffe to the lions. My daughter was not impressed with me to say the least. Apparently she did not read the article and was emotionally distraught over the whole situation because not only did it happen it seemed like the world just had to tell her about it as well.

The giraffe above lives at the Denver Zoo, at least it was living there 2 years ago when my daughters had their first ever visit to a zoo. My oldest daughter will be going back this summer to visit the zoo with some college buddies right before she starts her second year of college in the fall. Hopefully by then she will forget all about what Denmark did to Marius. I bet the lion sleeps tonight with a full belly.


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