Dog Tired and Unaccomplished


I am not really sure what dog tired is, but I am so tired I could pop. Tired of being behind at work, tired of feeling like I am failing my kids and tired of feeling like I am unable to accomplish anything 100%. Lucky for me that I can try again tomorrow. I did accomplish one thing I guess, I started my blogroll.


4 thoughts on “Dog Tired and Unaccomplished

  1. Monique says:

    Congrats!….baby steps


  2. Awww Jen! Everyday you complete is a day you didn’t FAIL! Being a working mom is tough. I am only mom to one! I can’t imagine how it is for more. Remember how much you accomplish every day! Don’t be so hard on your self. 🙂


    • I will work on remembering that. I think the problem is time management and I will be altering my day to try and fix this. I was late picking my youngest daughter up again today 😦 Tomorrow is another day and I am pretty sure if I am late tomorrow I will be grounded 🙂 Thanks for the pep talk!


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