After Yesterday…

The children did make it back to the top of my favorite people/animals list. The dogs are back at 2nd and the cat that lives in the bathroom is back at 3rd place. All I can say for the cat is at least she made the list today because last week she was too obnoxious to be on the list at all.

My youngest daughter is still not feeling great. I hope she is better by Monday when Christmas break is officially over and she has to go back to school. The school has enacted a new attendance policy and if she misses too many days she ends up in different levels of consequences. I can’t have her  missing days from school because she is sick, we need to save those days up. You never know when you might need to miss school because your older sister, who is in her first year of college, has a day off and is bored and needs someone to hang out with. Or maybe your mom decided to leave work early to take you out to a movie or lunch or maybe both. Sometimes you just need a break from school to let your brain rest awhile. Actual sick days suck. You feel miserable, you sleep a lot and moving usually hurts too much to do.

Zero to Hero task completed for today and I am looking forward to tomorrow. I have accomplished that a least.


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