I remember the moment my oldest daughter told me she NEVER wanted to be referred to as extraordinary.  I asked her why and she replied, “Who wants to be extra ordinary? Isn’t that like being extra boring?”. Point well made.  I did try to reason with her young mind that the word is pronounced differently and has a completely different meaning, however I was not successful. I plan to never forget that moment or how she changed my point of view about the word extraordinary. I hope I have very few days in my life where I am extra boring!!!

Definition of extra (adj)

Bing Dictionary
  • ex·tra
  • [ ékstrə ]
  1. more than usual: added to, or over and above, the usual, original, or necessary amount
  2. more and better: greater in degree and of better quality than is normal
  3. charged for in addition: charged for in addition to the basic cost

Definition of ordinary (adj)

Bing Dictionary
  • or·di·nar·y
  • [ áwrd’n èrree ]
  1. common: of a common everyday kind
  2. unremarkable: not remarkable or special in any way, and therefore uninteresting and unimpressive
  3. usual: usual or customar

Definition of extraordinary (adj)

Bing Dictionary
  • ex·traor·di·nar·y
  • [ ik stráwrd’n èrree ]
  1. unusually excellent or strange: very unusual and deserving attention and comment because of being wonderful, excellent, strange, or shocking
  2. additional: additional and having a special purpose
  3. employed for special purpose: employed for a special purpose or to do additional work

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