Disappointments and Moving On

Disappointments seem to be my new thing. Lately it seems I have had far too many and I am finding it hard to move on. Perhaps I should lower my standards and I will have less of a chance of being disappointed. From my friends, work and my family it seems I am disappointed more often than not.

I can overlook the failures of my dogs. An accident here or there is easier to overlook than a friends total disregard for what I have asked of them and they agreed to. Or when friends or family play the poor me card. My favorite is when they post on Facebook that they think nobody cares about them. Yes you are fishing for compliments and affirmation of your self-worth. I would respect you more if you just said, “I am having an awful day. Say nice things to me to let me know you love me.”.

It is the end of the year, closing in on 3 years since my mom passed away. This could be why I am so sensitive. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my grandpa’s passing 4 years ago. So yes I probably am sensitive. I have not been sleeping well either, adding to my sensitivity.

Tomorrow I will try again to put this all behind me. To move on. To find the happier me.  I will strive not to let my friends have control over so many of my emotions and I will make a bigger effort to leave work at work and home at home and not let the two hang out in the middle. I will also remember that if I fail it is ok and try again.

I am loved, I am worthy and I can make a difference in the lives I come in contact with, it is my choice if that is a good or bad difference. I choose good! Disappointments can be used as my reminders not to act a certain way or to practice self-control, particularly of my mouth.


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